Minor in China and Asia-Pacific Studies


The Brittany and Adam J. Levinson Program in China and Asia-Pacific Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to train future leaders in various domains of U.S.-China relations. In addition to the major, which is normally open to undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences, the program offers a China and Asia-Pacific Studies minor to undergraduate students enrolled in any of the seven Cornell undergraduate colleges. It provides a structured yet flexible arrangement for students to take advantage of the program's unique and rigorous curriculum for studying China’s history, politics, economy, foreign relations, and especially U.S.-China relations both on and off campus. 

Course Requirements

To complete the minor, students need to complete at least 18 credits of coursework in China and Asia-Pacific Studies, including one of the Levinson Program gateway courses (CAPS 3049, CAPS 3827, and CAPS 3967) and four more courses. At least two of these courses need to be chosen from the list of core courses, and the remaining two may be electives, generally to be chosen from the list of recommended courses (including the courses offered by the School of International Studies at Peking University in China), in consultation with the advisor. One of these electives will usually be a Chinese-language course beyond the 2000 level.

The Levinson Program course offerings are posted on the College of Arts and Sciences Course Roster and the major web page. The list of electives, which is regularly updated, is intended to be representative but not exhaustive. 

A minimum grade of C must be received for all courses counted towards the Minor. All courses used to fulfill the Minor requirements, including language courses, must be taken for a letter grade.

Language Requirements

All minors need to complete the equivalent of second-year Chinese, or, if they place beyond the second year, they must complete any single Chinese-language course at a higher level (for advanced students this may be a literature or special-topics class in Chinese). 

Off-campus Opportunities

Students in the Minor may be considered for one of the off-campus semesters (Levinson Program in Washington, D.C. or Levinson Program in Beijing, China) if space is available in the program and if they place into the language level appropriate for that semester’s Chinese courses (2000 level for Beijing). Students who are interested in either of the Levinson Program's off-campus semesters must make an appointment with the Program Manager, Xu Xin by email xx12@cornell.edu