Internships are an integral part of the Brittany and Adam J. Levinson China and Asia-Pacific Studies (CAPS) curriculum. CAPS majors are required to hold internships in governments, businesses, the media, think tanks, and other organizations during their (optional) semester in Washington, D.C., and in Beijing. Students will have the alternative to complete a summer internship in the Greater China area either right before or after their Beijing semester as well.

No academic credits are granted for internships, but students may combine their internship experience with Independent Study. Majors are encouraged to coordinate their two internship experiences.

For internships in China, CAPS has adopted the following guidelines:

  • Students can opt to undertake a summer internship in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, or other Chinese cities in the summer after their junior year. A summer internship should last for at least four weeks (five work days per week). 
  • Alternately, students can opt to undertake an internship during either the fall or spring semester in Beijing for 2 days a week, a full day on Monday and two half days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Internships should begin within one week of the start of classes and should end during the last week of classes.
  • No academic credit is earned for the internship. 
  • Internships are unpaid unless you are eligible for work-study. 

CAPS provides assistance to students in their application for internships in Beijing.

Contact the CAPS Main office to obtain additional information on Beijing internship experiences from former students. 

Cornell in Washington has the following guidelines for internships in Washington, D.C.:

  • 3 days a week, Monday-Wednesday is recommended, to allow time for academic work, touring Washington, and for the occasional trip to Ithaca or home.
  • No academic credit is earned for the internship, neither from Cornell in Washington nor any other department.
  • Most internships are unpaid unless you are eligible for work-study.  If so, you may be able to find a non-partisan internship which will compensate you.  Let CIW know if you are interested in this possibility, and they will provide more details.  
  • Internships should begin within one week of the start of classes and should end during the last day of classes.

Click here to learn more about internships in Washington, D.C.  You can have access to the CIW Online database for internships when you complete your online application to the program.