Affiliated, Visiting & Emeritus Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

Chinese Instructors

Ithaca, N.Y. 绮色佳

Weiqing Su George (苏卫清), Lecturer, Chinese Language.

Frances Yufen Lee Mehta (李玉芬), Senior Lecturer, Chinese Language.

Qiuyun Felicia Teng (腾秋耘), Senior Lecturer, Chinese Language.

Beijing, China 北京

Li Yun (李耘),Lecturer and Head Teacher for CAPS and IMPAC at Peking University. 

Wang Chunyang (王春杨),Chinese instructor for CAPS and IMPAC at Peking University. 

Washington, D.C. 华盛顿

Li Lu, Chinese Instructor for CAPS

Emeritus Faculty

Richard Bush III, CAPS Visiting Professor (2006-2011); Senior Fellow and Director of Center for East Asian Policy Studies, The Brookings Institution

Jian Chen, Hu Shih Professor Emeritus, History and China-US Relations

Sherman Cochran, Hu Shih Professor Emeritus of Chinese History

Edward M. Gunn, Jr., Professor Emeritus, Modern Chinese Literature, Asian Studies