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Unparalleled opportunities for those interested in contemporary China and U.S.-China relations


The Brittney and Adam J. Levinson Program in China and Asia-Pacific Studies offers unparalleled opportunities for those interested in contemporary China and/or U.S.-China relations by providing a wide variety of courses, two off-campus options in Beijing, China and Washington, D.C., multiple tracks of Chinese language training, and high-quality internship opportunities in both the U.S. and China. 

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Undergraduate program

The program offers a four-year undergraduate major to Cornell students in the College of Arts & Sciences, and a cross-college minor to all Cornell undergraduate students. 

CAPS major

CAPS minor

Experiences on the Cornell Campus and Beyond

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On campus in Ithaca

Levinson Program students usually spend their freshman and sophomore years in Ithaca to

CAPS students in China

Off-campus in Beijing and Washington, D.C.:

Beijing, China: Levinson Program students spend either the spring semester of their junior year or the fall semester of their senior year in Beijing at Peking University, China’s most distinguished institution of higher learning. In addition to Chinese language studies, the students will take two courses on Chinese history, politics, and foreign relations. In Beijing, students will hold internships with agencies comparable to those in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.: Levinson Program students have the option of spending the fall semester of their junior year in Washington, D.C., at Cornell in Washington (CIW). CIW is not required for the major but is highly recommended. In addition to Chinese language studies, students take a seminar on U.S.-China relations and a CIW/CAPS core course. Meanwhile, they will have China-related internships working in government agencies, embassies, media, business, law firms, NGOs, and other organizations.

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