Sitting down with Jessica Chen Weiss

Professor Jessica Chen Weiss, Director of the Levinson China and Asia-Pacific Studies (CAPS) program at Cornell University, joined Yawei Liu, Director of the China Program at The Carter Center for an interview at the U.S.-China Perception Monitor.

Weiss reflects on her career, highlighting her internship at The Carter Center. She discusses the need for a forward-looking approach in managing U.S.-China relations, concerns about racial factors in assessing China's intentions, and the importance of minimizing such factors.

Weiss advocates for peaceful coexistence between the U.S. and China within defined boundaries, preserving the benefits of economic exchange, and emphasizes the need for clear assurances to deter conflict across the Taiwan Strait.

Weiss discourages alarmism over a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, emphasizing the potential for self-fulfilling prophecies and the importance of maintaining peace. She suggests that the U.S. should continue supporting peaceful dialogue and stability in the Taiwan Strait.


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