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Class of 2015


Lauren Avery

Lauren pursued a CAPS major with minors in History and Near Eastern Studies. Lauren hopes to become a professor in international relations, diplomacy, or a related field. Outside of class, she enjoyed writing, skiing, drinking tea, playing video games, and watching cartoons. Lauren is working on her Masters in East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania.

Roslyn Jin

Roslyn was a CAPS major and double minor in Business and English from Long Island, N.Y. While studying in D.C., she was a policy intern in the Executive Office of the President at the U.S. Trade Representative. In previous years, she has held internships at the Agricultural Development Bank of China and The M&A Advisor. On campus, she served as VP of Project Hope and on the Executive Council for the American Enterprise Institute, and she is a University Representative for the Cornell Annual Fund. She is currently in Equity Derivative Sales Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Qi Wang

Qi is pursuing a Masters in Statistics at Duke University.

Conna Walsh

Conna Walsh majored in CAPS and minored in History. She has studied Chinese for the past seven years, and was lucky enough to participate in a NSLI-Y-funded trip to China during high school.  Conna was an active member of the Cornell International Affairs Society, served as the Chair of Public Relations for Alpha Epsilon Phi, wrote for the student-run international relations blog The Diplomacist, worked at the Cornell campus store, and worked as a writing tutor on campus. Conna currently works as an International Program Manager for the KnowledgeLink Group in Boston. 

Linyihui Xu

Eva Xu is pursuing a Masters degree in the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. 

David Sternau 

David is currently working as an Incoming Leveraged & Acquisition Finance Analyst at HSBC Securities.

Kaiwen Zhong

Kaiwen studied Economics and CAPS, with a real estate minor. She was the finance-manager of Fantasia a cappella group, and campus manager for Modabound fashion app. She currently works as a Consulting Associate at Axtria.

Sarah Russo

Sarah Russo is from New York City, and completed a double major in CAPS and Asian Studies.  She is interested in advocacy work and traveling, especially in East and Southeast Asia.  Sarah was in Hong Kong working with the Intertrust Group; now she is interning at Gaotime in Shanghai City. 

Jonathan Dawson

Melina Zhou

Melina Zhou, from San Diego, was a CAPS major with a Business minor.  Her interests outside of the classroom included figure skating, running, laughing, reading, taking risks and trying new things, but most of all spending time with her twin, Melissa.  Her favorite quote is from Andre Agassi: "To be inspired--that's the secret. Few of us are granted the grace to know ourselves, and until we do, maybe the best we can do is be consistent." Melina currently works at Latham & Watkins LLP in Washington, D.C.


Qian Chan

Michael Shyer

Class of 2014


John Z. Buckley 

John Buckley (better known to friends as J.Z.) came to Cornell solely for the China and Asia-Pacific Studies major and picked up a degree in Government along the way. Long fascinated by Chinese culture and linguistics, he developed an interest in East Asian comparative politics, international relations, and conflict studies on the Hill. He credits the CAPS major with a number of exciting internship opportunities and professional experiences, including stints with the American Enterprise Institute, CNN, the US Department of Defense, and the US Department of State’s Critical Language Scholarship Program. After graduation he hopes to pursue a career in international diplomacy and security. In addition to his policy studies, John is involved in cultural programming and social justice groups on campus, having worked with the Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Students Union (CAPSU), the Asian and Asian American Center (A3C), Rice Magazine, and SilkRoad Cornell. In his free time he also nurtures interests in anthropology, ethnomusicology, cinema, and geek culture.

Andrew Huang 

Born and raised in New York, NY, Andrew was a China and Asia-Pacific Studies major and a Health Policy minor in the CAPS Class of 2014. Along with studying Mandarin and the U.S.-China relationship, Andrew has always been interested in public health and healthcare systems, of which both the U.S. and China are undergoing reform. While in Beijing, Andrew interned at the Peking University China Center for Health Economic Research, where he helped an international research team analyze the management and reform of the Chinese public hospital system. Andrew is also an advocate for Asian American issues, including health disparities such as hepatitis B, and worked on the Affordable Care Act while interning for the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Washington, D.C.

Chuen Hong Jeffrey Lau

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jeffrey has always been intrigued by China, the motherland that is so close yet so far away.  He came to Cornell determined to be a CAPS major, but somehow found himself with a triple major in CAPS, history, and music by his junior year. Thanks to CAPS, he had the opportunity to live and work in some of the world's coolest places.  In DC he interned with the National Endowment for the Arts; and in Beijing he worked with the International Economic Law Institute at the PKU law school.  Back at home, he also spent a summer interning with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and did a mini-pupillage with the Parkside Chambers.  In his free time he enjoys playing chamber music, squash, badminton, competitive minesweeper and competitive pokemon.  After graduation, he will be pursuing the Juris Doctor degree at Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Hyangmi Kwak

Hyangmi grew up in Westchester, NY, though her family now lives in the Seattle suburbs.  When Hyangmi matriculated to Cornell, she planned to include four years of language study, a semester in DC, and another semester abroad in China. She was delighted to discover that CAPS organically combines these experiences into one major, and she has since added a minor in Policy Analysis and Management. Hyangmi was a Research Assistant at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in DC, and during her semester in Beijing, she spent a brief time as an Editorial Intern with Time Out Beijing before pursuing her passion in volunteering. With broad interests in responsible environmental stewardship, sustainable development, and health and nutrition, Hyangmi hopes that her work will contribute to vibrant communities and international humanitarian efforts.  In addition to her academic and professional orientation, she is happy to share her thoughts on the Cornell Chimes, the co-op housing system, life, music, coffee, and books books books.

Xu Yang

Xu Yang earned a dual degree in CAPS and fine art in the college of Architecture, Art, and Planning. He had been a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Golden Key National Honor Society. He had also been a member of the Cornell Shakespeare Troupe, the Cornell Quiz Bowl team, and the Chesterton House Christian Intentional Living Community. Since freshman year, he had been an active participant at Risley Theater and the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, including performing in Two Gentlemen of Verona, Proof, Our Town, The Tempest, Learned Ladies, and, recently, in Melancholy Play. While he is not certain about his future path, his hope is that he can maintain a proper balance between his artistic interests and his love for China, her history, and her people.

Jonathan Yuan

Jonathan Yuan is a China and Asia-Pacific Studies and Government double major with a minor in Business.  He was born in Montreal, Canada, grew up in Allentown, PA, and has had wonderful experiences with CAPS in both Washington D.C. and Beijing at Peking University.  On campus, he worked in the A&S Career Services office and was a contributing writer to the Cornell Progressive.  Professionally, he’s held internships at the Bipartisan Policy Center, Voice of America, and the American Foreign Service Association and hopes to eventually enter the communications, public relations, marketing, or media world.  In his spare time, he loves talking about all things related to politics, pop culture, and news media.  


Sheila Crowell

Sheila Crowell was a Government and Asian Studies double major, minoring in CAPS, from Hightstown, New Jersey. She has studied in Beijing twice, initially through Princeton in Beijing's intensive Mandarin program and again as an exchange student at Tsinghua University. She is currently a research assistant on Cornell's Lehman Grant on Chinese State-Owned Enterprises. She will be spending the next two years in St. Louis as a Teach for America corps member, and hopes to pursue a future in Chinese public policy.

Alison Strongwater

Hailing from Westchester, New York, Alison Strongwater is pursuing a double major in Government and Asian Studies, in addition to her minor in China Asia Pacific Studies. She is currently serving as the Social Media Consultant to the South Asia Coordination Group at Amnesty International, where she worked previously as the Member Advocacy Intern. Alison has also worked in Wuhan, China as an English language teacher. Outside of class, Alison was a dedicated member of the community volunteer organization, Alpha Phi Omega and previously served as a member of the Women's Issues Committee on campus. She enjoys traveling throughout Asia and Europe, kayaking, and karaoke.

Douglas Kim

Class of 2013

Rebekah Alexander Is currently a Senior Analyst at Heitman.

Andrea Cheung is currently with the FTI consulting, Global Risk and Investigative Practices team based in Hong Kong.

Doretha Dawkins Double major with History. Currently serves as a Teach for America corps member in New York City while pursuing a Master's degree in education.

Seung-Hyun (Sheryl) Kang Currently taking her gap year and applying to law school.

Daniel J. Krasnow Double major with Government. Currently anInvestment Banking Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities in NYC.

Nancy Lin Double majored with Economics. She got her MPA at theUniversity of Connecticut and currently works as an Analyst at the NYC Office of Management and Budget. 

Zachary Montague Double major with Government. He worked as a Research Analyst at the Delma Institute, United Arab Emirates. He currently works as a News Assistant for the New York Times.

James Stroud Double major with Government. 

Amelia Tsui Double major with History and currently works as a Manager at 3A Credit in Shanghai City, China.

Miriam Wishnick Double major with Government. She has worked as a Research Analyst at Control Risks and is currently an Investigative Analyst at Corporate Resolutions, Inc. 

Jason Wong Double major with Biological Sciences. Currently taking the gap year and applying to medical schools.

Yi-Ran Xin CAPS/Economics double major

Class of 2012

Chelsea Dengel | 邓宁 Went on to earn an M.A. at Johns Hopkins University SAIS. She currently works as an Analyst for Kroll in Washington D.C.

Jade Han | 韩家欣  Worked at Village Care of New York after graduation.

Ming Ming Jiang | 蒋明明 Currently Senior Research Analyst at Neptune.

Audrey Keranen | 韩俐 was a CAPS/Government double major. She earned her Masters at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and is currently Thomas R. Pickering Fellow at U.S. Department of State.

Cindy Hui Xin Khor | 柯慧欣 was a CAPS/Economics double major. Afrer graduating, she worked as a Consultant at IBM. She is currently a consultant at Accenture. 

Lisa Seo Kyong Kim | 金瑞庆 Worked as analyst at PSL Research.

Kevin Lee | 李健文 Currently a student at Cornell Law School.

Tiffany Yige Li | 李一格 was a CAPS/Biological Sciences double major. She earned her Masters in Health Care Administration at Cornell. She has worked as an Administrative Fellow at Liberty Health, Jersey City Medical Center and currently is ACO Coordinator at United Healthcare.

Joey Liu | 刘柏伟 worked as Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company after graduating. He is currently an MBA candidate at Columbia University Business School.

Chris Louney | 卢科瑞 was a CAPS/Economics double major. After graduating, he worked as an Analyst at Barclays.He is currently a Commodity Strategist at RBC Capital Markets.

Elliott James Moreno | 毛泽西 was a CAPS/Economics double major. He has worked as an Analyst at CME Group and currently  is a Business Analyst at Voya.

Melva Quintanilla | 秦美华 CAPS/Art History double major. 

Joann Saridakis | 塞瑞恩 Currently Finance Director at Nevada Assembly Democratic Caucus.

Ian Taylor | 田立永 Worked as a Marketing Coordinator at Philadelphia Distilling. He is currently a software developer at Bank of America. 

Randy Liushuo Wan | 万柳朔 CAPS/Economics double major. Was an Associate at the Boston Consulting Group. He is currently founder & CEO of Woo Space.

Class of 2011

Peter Robert Chatigny | 尚松 undertook two internships in Washington DC in fall 2009: one with Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, and the other with "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren," a Fox News show that airs every night at 10pm. While in Beijing in fall 2010, he interned for CNN Beijing Bureau. After graduation, he worked at Fox News in New York. He is currently a J.D. candidate at Duke University School of Law.

Charles Gilbert | 葛汉杰 transferred from the Engineering School to the College of Arts and Sciences for the purpose of pursuing a CAPS degree. He also double-majored in Economics. In fall 2009, he interned at the KORUS House of the Korean Embassy in the US. In the summer of 2010, he interned at the Lotus Educational Foundation in Beijing. Upon graduation, Charles started to work as an immigration paralegal at Miler Mayer, LLP, a law office in Ithaca, NY. He completed a Master's degree in International Studies at Johns Hopkins in 2015 and currently works in ITS Transfer Pricing at EY in Virginia. 

Scott Grow | 葛星光 served 4 years in the US Marine Corps before coming to Cornell. While at Cornell, he studied Japanese before declaring CAPS as his major. He was a devoted member of Ordinary People, Cornell’s own anti-oppression theater troupe. Scott interned at Yuanfen(缘分)New Media Art Space in 798 Art Zone, Beijing, in 2010, and was awarded a Chinese Government Scholarship for 2010-2011. He currently works as a Field Technician at Economy Polymers & Chemicals in Glendive, Montana.

Mirjam Jasiak | 贾文萱 graduated as a CAPS/Economics double major in January 2011. In 2009, she interned in the Office of Executive Secretary, US Department of the Treasury. In 2010, she interned at Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong in the summer, and at Kamsky Associates in Beijing in the fall. Upon graduation, she started working at Edgeworth Economics, a boutique economic consulting firm, in Washington DC. She is currently an MBA candidate at Kellogg School of Management in Chicago. 

Alexandra Mouche | 艾琳 Graduated with Honors in China and Asia-Pacific Studies (2011). A Fulbright-Nehru Fellow (2011-2012), sheconducted a research project in Gujarati, India. She has worked for both PQF Global and Gabbro Global as a Sales Coordinator and Manager. She currently works as an International Program Consultant at The Cambridge Institute of International Education in Orange County, CA. 

Michael Schulman | 舒万科 interned at the Library of Congress for the China and Mongolia Division and the Japan Division in fall 2009. In summer 2010, he worked at the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei. He worked as Legal Consultant in Beijing for 2 years. He is currently a graduate student at the Johnson School of Management at Cornell. 

Geoffrey William Squire | 宋杰 was a CAPS/Government double major and a College Scholar. He interned at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC in fall 2009, and interned at the Powell Tate in Beijing in the summer and fall 2010. After graduation, he worked at Fragomen, a global corporate immigration law firm in New York. He is currently a Senior Editor at Prescient. 

Class of 2010

Jonathan Delikat | 狄家盛. Jon is currently an MBA/MA candidate at the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute. He previously worked as a Senior Consultant for Global Risk and Investigations at FTI Consulting in Shanghai. Jon was awarded magna cum laude for his honors thesis and a Sherman Cochran Prize in the major for his outstanding performance that best exemplifies Professor Sherman Cochran's dedication to the study of China. As a receiver of a Princeton in Asia teaching fellowship, Jon started to teach English at Zhejiang University (浙大) in Hangzhou, China upon graduation.

Nicholas Elser | 欧阳易. Besides being an enthusiastic CAPS major, Nick is proud of his time on the Cornell Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team, for which he co-led the software team for four years and helped lead the team to victory in his last year. He was also a member of Cornell’s performance juggling team and juggling remains one of his favorite hobbies. Nick graduates=d with Distinction in All Subjects. He took the Foreign Service Officer (FSO) test before graduation. He currently works at Context Optional in San Francisco.

Renee Heyman |王莉玲. Renee is currently an Associate at Latham & Watkins. She graduated from Northwestern University School of Law in 2014. Previously, she worked at Kirkland & Ellis in intellectual property litigation. The CAPS program is still something that she brags about when she meets interviewers, coworkers, and friends.  As she said, “Nowhere have I met a group so driven, so animated, and so inspirational.”

Minerva Wakabayashi Ho | 何弥菜羽. Minerva is an Associate at Traxys LLC, Base Metals and Concentrates in New York City. She previously worked at Morgan Stanley. Upon graduation, she started to work at Traxys in Beijing. 

Hai Jack Huang | 黄海. Jack was a CAPS/Economics double major. He really enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies at Olin Cafe, playing pickup basketball, and bothering Career Services people while at Cornell. Jack graduated with Distinction in All Subjects. He worked at Rothschild in Hong Kong after graduation, and looks forward to applying his CAPS experience to a future involving Asia.

Andrew Kang | 康震东. He is currently Legal Assistant at Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP (Beijing Office). He plans to go to law school in the near future.

Christine Seo Hyun Kim | 金瑞贤.At graduation, Christine wrote, "Cornell has taught me how to be humble and also how to mingle with people completely different from myself." Christine has worked at Reuters in Korea, covering stories about China and the Asia-Pacific region, and Jirani Cultural Organization in Korea. She currently works as Assistant Manager for Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co.

Caitlin McCulloch | 麦凯琳. Caitlin was a CAPS/Government double major. Caitlin was awarded cum laude in the CAPS major for her honors thesis. She took the Foreign Service Officer (FSO) test before graduation. She spent two years in Georgia with the Peace Corps and is now a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Maryland.

Katherine Qu | 瞿天悦. Katherine was a CAPS/Government double major.  After graduation, she attended Georgetown Law School and currently works as an Immigration Attorney for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington D.C.

Adi Robertson | 罗婉仪. Adi graduated with Distinction in All Subjects, and was awarded a Sherman Cochran Prize for her outstanding academic performance in the major. After graduation, worked at Infosnap in Bethesda, Maryland in Online Solutions. She is currently a reporter for The Verge in NYC.

Tatiana Ashanti Robinson | 谭那. Tasha spent four years at Cornell as a CAPS major, while also enjoying classes in film and philosophy. She wrote editorial articles for the Cornell Daily Sun with topics that spanned Chinese political and cultural issues. She enjoyed attending concerts at Sage Chapel and seeing films at Cornell Cinema. After four years at Cornell, Tasha  decided to pursue teaching options in Spain. She plans on furthering her involvement with her Beijing internship firm, which develops clean technology initiatives.

Eli Isaac Silverstein | 石乐乐. It is through Asia that Eli learned of the power of sincerity, said to be capable of moving even the havens. As he continues along a path committed to the pursuit of true scholarship, he takes with him a set of beliefs and values grounded in the sincerity of cultural appreciation, for which he will forever remain indebted to the CAPS major. To his fellow graduates, Eli wishes to remind the CAPS class of 2010 of the Daoist principle of 无为. While this principle is often misconstrued as simply “nonaction,” he wrote, "Let us recall the dual tonal function of 为 and strive to realize our dreams through acts unmotivated by a ‘because of,’ not driven by a ‘for,’ and not completed in order ‘to.’" Eli is bound for the University of Cambridge for graduate studies upon graduation.

Matthew Isaac Silverstein | 史明修.. Matt was awarded cum laude in the major for his honors thesis. Upon graduation, he started to work at the American Jewish Committee’s Asia Pacific Institute in Washington D.C. He then worked for 2 years at the SK China in Beijing.

Eric Tao | 陶晨. Eric was a CAPS/Economics double major and a minor in Real Estate. Outside of classes, Eric was a research assistant in the Department of Applied Economics and Management conducting research in behavioral finance under Professor Vicki Bogan. After graduation Eric worked as a Senior Equity Research Associate at Manning & Napler Advisors, an asset management company. He is currently an Assistant Vice President at Nippon Life Global Investors Americas, Inc.

Pwin Tuntasood | 唐文朴. Pwin is Vice President, Fixed Income Product Strategist at BlackRock Investment Management. He previously worked at Deutsche Asset Management. He was a CAPS/Economics double major.

Class of 2009

Jessie Louise Bruce (白雪). Louise spent her DC semester interning with Radio Free Asia in 2007, and her Beijing semester interning with the Global Environment Institute in 2008. She also volunteered for the Beijing Olympic Games! She has devoted her studies primarily to environmental issues. She has worked in the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and with a training program called Green Apply Corps. She is currently studying urban planning with a concentration on the environment and waste management at NYU Wagner.

Scot Fang (方自然). Scot's interests and studies include energy, sustainability, innovation consulting, social research, start-up opportunities, and networking. After graduating, he worked at China First Capital in Shenzhen, China. He then returned to earn his MS in Artificial Intelligence from UCLA. He has worked as a software engineer and currently works as a SWE at Google. 

Yun Seok Jeong (郑允硕). Yun Seok has focused primarily on China and is interested in North Korea/China relations. He has worked at the Eugene Bell Foundation in Washington D.C. and Lenovo in Beijing. Upon graduation, he moved to Houston, TX, to work for Teach For America.

McAllister Jimbo (莫小楠). Mackie is a Los Angeles native whose interests include cooking, journalism and traveling. She graduated as a CAPS major with distinction in all subjects in May 2009. During her semester in DC, she interned at the Atlantic Council of the United States, where she planned and hosted the Intern Discussion Series with Dr. Thomas Christensen, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs under the G. W. Bush administration. While in Beijing in 2008, she volunteered for the Beijing Olympics, along with three other CAPS students, and interned at City Weekend Beijing, an English language magazine, where she wrote feature stories, interviews and dining reviews and assisted in the planning and compiling stages of the magazine. She is currently an associate at O'Melveny & Myers LLP in the Washington D.C. area. 

Christine Lai (赖伊琪). Christine is a native of New York City with a wide range of interests that include wine, food, traveling, as well as culture and languages like Chinese and Spanish. Christine has worked as a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton and as a Program Manager at Potomac Wave Consulting in Washington D.C. She is currently a Fulbright Scholar and MBA Student at IE Business School in Madrid. 

Saerom Lee (李赛龙). Saerom, a student from South Korea, interned at the KORUS house at the embassy of the Republic of Korea while in DC. During her Beijing semester, she interned at Samsung Opentide China, a consulting firm in the city. She also had the great opportunity to volunteer for the Olympics! She is primarily interested in learning foreign languages and studying cultural differences and exchanges between countries. Her current plans for the coming year are either working or traveling for a year before going to grad school. 

Tanger Li (李唐儿). Tanya Lee (Tanger Li) was double-majoring in CAPS and Government and minoring in Music at Cornell. Tanya's interests in China not only revolve around food, but she is fascinated by the growing importance of China's relations with the world. Prior to her D.C. semester, Tanya was a News Writer intern for CCTV's International Channel 9 in Beijing. While in D.C., she interned for Voice of America to address media programming issues in various developing countries around the world, and researched U.S. foreign policy proposals for the Hudson Institute concerning U.S.-China military strategic interests. This past fall in Beijing, Tanya researched a variety Chinese public policy while interning for the Brookings Institution's Tsinghua Center. She studied History and Theory of International Relations as a MSc student at London School of Economics and Political Science for 2009-2010, and then worked at a consulting firm in Washington, DC. She currently works in DoD.

Troy Mullins (林若怡). A Los Angeles native, Troy has been primarily interested in film and journalism. In DC she pursued this interest with an internship at NBC. In Beijing she held a variety of internships, including the Public Relations department of Beijing’s Grand Hyatt Hotel. She also performed research for Milimeter Films, and assisted in marketing the Bridge Café. Since graduation she has worked as a Production Assistant and Associate Producer. She is currently working as Chinese tutor and Executive Assistant.

Jonathan S. Ray (张志超). Jonathon's research and language studies have revolved around issues of nuclear nonproliferation and nontraditional security topics.  Upon graduation, Jonathan went on to study advanced mandarin under the Chinese Flagship Program at the Institute of International Education in Utah and at Nanjing University during 2009-2011. He received a Master's degree in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies at Monterey Institute of International Studies in California He is currently a Research Associate at Defense Group Inc. He has published on security topics, most recently on China's neutron bomb program, and co-authored two book chapters on PLA issues for publication in 2016.

Elizabeth Skovira (上官丽云) graduated from Cornell in January 2009. In fall 2009, she returned to Peking University for advanced Chinese study under the Chinese Government Scholarship while working with a multinational financial corporation in expanding its operations within the Chinese financial securities market. Upon her return to the United States, she continued with her work as an analyst on the fixed income securities trading desk at State Street Global Advisors in Boston. She currently works as a Business Consultant at McKinsey & Co. in the Greater Boston area.

Class of 2008

Sungeun Cho (周圣恩) currently works at L.G. Group in Korea. While at Cornell, she was double-majoring in CAPS and Economics. Her activities/interests at Cornell included chorus, Korean Church at Cornell, skiing, field hockey, and singing.

Vickie Eisenstein (艾玮丽) double-majored in CAPS and Economics at Cornell. Upon graduation she went to Korea to study Korean at Yonsei University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Korea. Outside of class, she worked in public relations for MMORPG, an education and entertainment start-up company, and was a regular on one of their TV shows! She has worked at Walker Corporate Law Group PLLC in L.A. She is an actress, hostess, and screenwriter in Hollywood. She currently lives in the Greater Chicago area.

Andrew Ham (咸景焕) is a former Consultant at Monitor Deloitte. Prior to that he, was a legal assistant at Shearman & Sterling LLP’s Beijing Office. The office was one of the first to be established in China by a global law firm. The office’s clients include firms expanding into China, Chinese state-owned enterprises, and small- and medium-sized private Chinese enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries. Andrew is currently an MBA student at INSEAD.

Max Klein (柯慕德) currently works as a Senior Product Manager for Amazon in Beijing. He previously worked for Intel's China Strategy Office in Beijing. Before this job, Max has worked as Policy Coordination Manager for the US Information Technology Office (USITO) in Beijing. He has worked as a Sales and Business Development Associate for Metan Development Group, an L.A.-based media company that produces and distributes original TV and online content in China. He also works periodically as a research assistant for Evan Osnos, the New Yorker Magazine Beijing-based foreign correspondent. 

Josephine Lee (李智仁) is currently a JD candidate at Northwestern University School of Law. After graduation, she went back to China to teach English at a college in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture upon graduation from Cornell. She received her MA in international relations from the University of Chicago in  2011 and worked for Morningstar as a Senior Client Solutions Consultant until entering law school.

Justin Long (龙剑飞) is currently the Director of Development at T & B Education.  He has previously worked as a Web Designer and Editorial Assistant. 

Ilene Molina (莫依林) had a wide range of activities and interests while at Cornell, including tennis, fencing, Thai kick boxing, swimming, Latin America, Middle East (esp. Egypt), and Arabic. She went to Egypt to study Arabic upon graduation from Cornell and is currently studying International Human Rights Law as a grad student at the American University in Cairo.

Justin Orr (欧建文) double-majored in CAPS and Government at Cornell. He spent his CAPS experience exploring many facets of the Chinese economy and its foreign policy. After graduating, he worked as a consultant for Control Risks (Beijing Office), a London-based risk consultancy firm. He then returned to attend the University of California, Berkeley School of Law. He worked for Sullivan and Cromwell LLP for several years and now works for a law firm in New York City.

Max Rothkopf (罗志伟) currently attends Harvard Business School. He previously worked at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Prior to that, he worked as an analyst at Century Bridge Capital, a private equity firm with offices in Dallas, TX, and Beijing, China. Before starting work at Century Bridge, Max worked at Hines, the international real estate developer, at the Hines Europe headquarters in London, England.

Reuven Shapiro (邵瑞文) is currently the Asset Manager of Spectem Technologies, LLC, a company he founded in 2011.  He was previously a Research Analyst at Keith Fitz-Gerald Publications LLC. 

Iris Zhang (张博美). Attended Fordham Law School and worked as a Global Grains Research Analyst for Bunge. She is now a Coordinator at Columbia University.