No, China and the U.S. aren’t locked in an ideological battle. Not even close.

By: Jessica Chen Weiss,  in The Washington Post
Fri, 05/03/2019

Jessica Chen Weiss, an associate professor in the Department of Government, writes in this Washington Post opinion piece that there are three things wrong with imagining we’re in a “clash of civilizations”

Those reasons are:

  • China does not have a universal ideology;
  • Exporting technology is not exporting ideology; and
  • International pressure has shaped China. 

"So does the United States face a hardened, ideological adversary in Beijing? Not really," she writes. "China has been shaped by engagement with the outside world and has no coherent ideology with international appeal. As U.S. policy planners fashion a new strategy for dealing with China, understanding the differences between today’s China and the former Soviet Union will be critical to their success."

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