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Students Evaluate CAPS in Beijing and CAPS Minor

Thu, 06/22/2017

For their group projects in Cornell's China and Asia-Pacific Studies seminar “Issues in China Studies” this spring with Professor Xu Xin, students wrote thoughtful, carefully researched reports that suggested ways in which the CAPS program could build upon its strengths.

Below are brief summaries of their recommendations. For a copy of the full reports, please email Martha Stettinius.

1. The State of University-Level Education Programs in China

by Amanda Williams, Cole DeVoy, Matthew McGee, Max Alaghband, and Sarah Harris (all CAPS ’17 majors)

These 2017 CAPS graduates say that “CAPS stands out among its peers. However, CAPS could always improve its program for its students.” Based on their observations in Beijing of “other China studies programs, stand-alone universities in China, Chinese-operated graduate programs, and summer intensive programs,” they recommend a number of practical changes to CAPS in Beijing.

They write, “The China and Asia-Pacific Studies program has had a great impact on our time at Cornell, and we hope that, with the continuation and improvement of the program, it will thrive for another decade and beyond. CAPS 万岁!”

Anna Kook, Loren Belardes, Joseph Evans, Matt McGee

2. CAPS Graduates' Career Paths (Minor)

by Joseph Evans (CAPS minor, ’18) and Loren Belardes (ILR major, ’18)

Regarding the CAPS minor, the authors recommend specific revisions to the minor’s promotion and requirements, in order to increase minor enrollment, simplify completion of the minor, and maintain or increase the quality of the education.

Joseph Evans, Loren Belardes, CAPS 4030 group project

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