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With four years of intensive Chinese language training and two semesters of internships in Washington, D.C., and Beijing respectively, Cornell graduates with a major in CAPS will be well suited for entry- or higher-level positions in consulting, journalism, law firms, businesses, financial services, NGOs, diplomacy, and other government and public service agencies. An undergraduate CAPS degree also readily prepares one for graduate studies in law, business, and other disciplines with a focus on China.

As a CAPS student, you will need to be particularly diligent about your career planning as you will be away from campus when much of on-campus recruiting occurs in the fall of senior year. For some fields, such as finance and consulting, it crucial that you attempt to secure an internship in your field during the summer following junior year since you will miss much of the recruiting in these fields during senior year.  For other fields, such as government, policy, and public service, internships are also valuable and participating in the CAPS program does not greatly limit your access to employers during senior year. For example, one’s final semester is the prime job search time for policy and public service as these organizations tend to hire much closer to the start date for a position.

Typically, about 20-25% of Cornell undergraduates find jobs through on-campus recruiting. Another 20% find jobs through previous internships, which is why we encourage you to start your career planning early. Others find jobs through networking with alumni and employers as well as through job postings on CCNet and other on-line systems. We strong encourage you to follow this career planning outline to maximize your opportunities upon graduation:

The Four-Year Plan for the CAPS Major: