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CAPS Plenary: Program High Points in D.C. and China

Wed, 04/19/2017

On March 22 the annual CAPS plenary was held in Cornell’s Physical Sciences Building. CAPS seniors and juniors shared with sophomores, prospective majors, and other interested students their most transformative CAPS experiences in D.C. and Beijing.  They discussed their academic and student life at the Cornell in Washington program and at Beida (Peking University), their internships in D.C. and China, and some of their unusual encounters as they explored D.C. and China beyond campus.

Participants enjoyed hearing the inside scoop on which courses are most popular in D.C. and at Beida, and what students can expect in their living arrangements. (Dorms at Beida, for example, are blessed with air-conditioning, and the dorms in D.C. are conveniently located in the same building as classes.) Students also described their CAPS-related internships: Senior Anna Kook completed internships at Standard Chartered Bank, the Voice of America, and CNN; senior Derek Maseloff enjoyed internships at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Pace Gallery in Beijing; senior Rachel Armstrong interned at Blueprint Education, an education consultancy and innovation lab in Shanghai; and senior Cole DeVoy interned at the American Institute in Taiwan, the US Department of State, and Renmin University in Beijing.  Students then shared their best “CAPS moments” when exploring off campus in D.C. and China. Senior Max Alaghband remembers vividly in northwest China “being spoken to in aggressive Uyghur,” and senior Matt McGee was quite struck by “spending the night in a Kyrgyz village in the middle of nowhere next to the Sino-Tajik border.” To learn more about the CAPS students’ highlights and adventures, view the plenary PowerPoint.  

Pictured, L to R:  Matt McGee (CAPS '17), Instructor Anna (Chunyang) Wang, Amanda Williams (CAPS '17), Max Alaghband (CAPS '17), Cole DeVoy (CAPS '17) at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing


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